About MP

Mark Patten

I am a successful Digital executive who has been around the space for close to 30 years now. I whetted my entrepreneurial appetite during the dot com era and launched a business eventually called Delphic Digital. I learned some hard leadership lessons early, but eventually built a successful, high growth and profitable firm. After a 10+ year run, Delphic was sold to Private Equity backed Hero Digital in 2017.

Today I am the Executive Director, Delivery at Hero Digital. I bring a wealth of experience and expertise (read: I’m old) to the CX company. This role plays a critical role in the success of the agency by ensuring that the delivery of CX projects and campaigns meets the needs and expectations of the agency’s clients, engages our team members and produces strong financial performance.

When I’m not busy at work or spending time with my son, I enjoy a variety of hobbies, including golf, history, bourbon, travel, and sports. My love of golf has taken me to some of the most beautiful and challenging courses around the world, and I have a particular passion for studying the rich history of the game. I also enjoy trying new and interesting bourbons, and I have a particular love of those with a rich, smooth flavor. Photography is another one of my passions, and I love capturing the beauty and wonder of the world through my iPhone lens.

In addition to these interests, I am also an avid traveler, and have visited a wide variety of destinations around the world. I particularly enjoy immersing myself in the culture and history of a place, and I have a particular love of Europe and its many diverse and fascinating countries.