Mark A. Patten
Mark A. Patten

I was born in Pittsburgh, but grew up in Allentown, PA. I went to Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA graduating with a degree in Finance. 

Upon graduation I moved to Philadelphia area, primarily living in Gladwyne, PA for most of my adulthood. 

So if you are looking to catch up with me on the Interwebs, here are the ways that I use the various outlets. At some point, I’ll add to how I use them in a practical sense.


  • Facebook – I use for personal use only
  • Instagram – my primary outlet for interesting photography
  • LinkedIn – I use pretty heavily – especially for business development and recruiting. I actively add people that I have met. I do NOT however add people I have not met – I don’t understand why people even use it that way.
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter – probably the most used of social media. I mix business and pleasure here. I follow back folks that may be of interest, but regularly ween the list down.

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